What software does Alt Shift X use to make videos?

Adobe After Effects, with some custom scripts and techniques

What microphone does Alt Shift X use?

Originally a Blue Yeti USB mic, now a Shure SM7B

Where can I read great ASOIAF analysis?

r/asoiafWars and Politics of Ice and Fire, Radio WesterosHistory of Westeros, ASOIAF UniversityGood Queen AlysannePoor Quentyn, Ideas of Ice and Fire, too many to name

Where can I watch great YouTube explainers and analysis?

KurzgesagtCGP GreyVi HartkaptainkristianNerdwriterZero Punctuationbill wurtz, Crash Course, Lindsay Ellis, Raycevick, too many to name

How can I support Alt Shift X?

You can become a Patron on Patreon
You can shop on the ASX Amazon page
And you might also like to help translate subtitles